2016 Speaker Presentations

Sunday, October 16


  HR and the Law Update
 Christine Walters

  Other documents and information:

Spreadsheet for Calculating New Hourly Rate (Option #7 in FLSA Strategies)
List of 16 states that have their own “white collar” regulations that are different from the federal: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin  plus DC
Legislation supporting Comp Time in the private Sector - S. 233 and H.R. 465 – Working Families Flexibility Act


Monday, October 17


  Key Lending Strategies for Growth, Profitability and Retention
  Celeste Cook


  The Member Experience
  Michael Neill


  The Key to Delivering TRUE Member Value While Conserving Member Equity: Marginal Cost Pricing and Account Segmentation Strategies
  Tom Parliment


  Creativity & Innovation
  Gert Garman


  The Five Most Important Roles of the Credit Union Director
  Jim Kasch


  De-Coding Gen Y: How Neuro-Science is Reshaping Financial Services
  Lee Wetherington


  Small Credit Union Resources and Inside My Board Room
  Lauren Bethea


  The World According to the CFPB
  Theresa Reinke


Tuesday, October 18


  Fight or Flight?
  Lee Wetherington


  The Virtual Model: Dealing with Member Ghosts (Members You Can’t See But You Know Are There)
  Jim Kasch


  Best Practices of the Supervisory Committee (Handout: Supervisory Committee Charter Matrix)
  Robert Fouratt

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